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Hypertension which is also known as high blood pressure is a persistently amplified systemic arterial pressure. (Widmaier et al, 2004). According to (Aston and Clarkson,2004) hypertension is the silent killer as many people may be asymptomatic meaning this condition may cause no symptoms at all for many years but could ultimately lead to many complications, which includes heart disease, renal and ocular function, deterioration of the cardiac and stroke. About seven to ten million people (10-20% of the population) in the UK are hypertensive, and as you get older the possibility of you haven developed it increases, and developing hypertension is influenced by a number of associated factor which are Heredity, Diet, Ethnic background, Some illness such as diabetes, Being overweight and Exercise.
usually termed primary, essential or idiopathic hypertension. (Widmaier et al, 2004). In 10% of the cases, the cause is known and it is called secondary hypertension which can be caused by renal disease, atherosclerosis, eclampsia, and pheochromocytoma or by any other medications. (Aston and Clarkson, 2004).

TABLE 1: Table illustrating different categories of hypertension. (Roach, 2005).
Category Systolic pressure (mm Hg) Diastolic pressure (mm Hg)
Normal 100

The above table shows the normal blood pressure level for adults and the different level of hypertension.
• Prehypertension: it classifies adult who are at risk of developing hypertension, individuals in this categories require frequent blood pressure monitoring and are advised to engage in activities that will bring their blood pressure down to normal like weight loss, intake of low fat, low sodium diet, regular exercise and if possible quitting smoking. It is not really necessary to use medications except the individual is suffering from any disease or if the above activities mentioned isn’t working.
• Stage 1: individuals in...


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