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Hunger in Africa

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Hunger is spreading in Africa like wild fire in the forest. Every day around 24,000 people die directly
from hunger or hunger related diseases - an unbelievable amount. Some people feel bad looking at them because they don’t have clean food or water and so they get diseases. We have lots of food but
throw it away because we don’t ‘like’ it. Donating some money or food can help them.

In Africa many people die because they don’t have food or water. We could change that by donating food or money. More than a billion people eat fewer than 1,900 calories per day. ‘Poverty.com’ says it is the children who die the most. Basically, adults can handle not eating one day but children are growing and they need food. Many parents have a lot of kids because they need them to help the parents in agriculture. But since there is no food, most of the children die. Conventional wisdom suggests that if people are hungry, there must be a shortage of food, and all we need to do is figure out how to grow more. The government’s criticized plan to redistribute commercial, white-owned farms to landless Africans has contributed to the shortfall, but the FAO found that the failure of the rains during the January- March growing season was the principle cause.

They get sick all the time and have diseases because they don’t have clean food or water. In an
article, Fleshman says Without immediate access to food, medical care, clean water, and seeds for the
upcoming planting season, African drought victims face a ‘tremendous loss of life’. In other words, there
are not much clean water or houses for them to live in. Because they live in dirty places they get sick
and die of diseases. Also Africa has very high temperatures because of that; it has a lot of droughts. Hence, their farms will not have fruits or vegetables and they won’t have food.

We can help people in Africa by donating food or money. For the price of one missile, a school full
of hungry children could eat...


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