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Is Beauty Skin Deep?

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Is Beauty Skin Deep?

Beauty is something that we all crave, but what is beauty?

Who decides what is beautiful and what isn’t?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?

Do you think you're beautiful?

Most of us believe that beauty is what you see on the outside. People in the media, celebrities and models are said to be beautiful, and so we base our opinion of beauty on how these people look.

Magazines devote pages to the diets and exercise habits these people follow, along with selling us the clothes and makeup that these people wear – all so we too can look and feel beautiful. People even have plastic surgery in their pursuit of beauty!

We judge others and ourselves by this so-called beauty, often without knowing someone we assume things about them based on how they look.

Beauty should not be defined by the media, how can the media say what beauty is? Beauty, on the outside, is different in every culture. Some may think pale skin is beautiful, others think tanned skin. Why does beautiful have to mean skinny or tall?

So is beauty skin deep? The meaning of this saying is that beauty on the outside doesn't mean you're necessarily beautiful on the inside.

The truth is that real beauty is more than skin deep; it is what you are on the inside no matter how you look on the outside. Real beauty, or how good a person you are, is seen the same way from every perspective and is not created by someone else.

Beauty is in your heart and in your words, not what you see when you look in the mirror or a magazine. Beauty is being proud of who you are because of how you conduct yourself. Showing consideration and compassion for other people, being supportive of your family and friends, and being happy with who you are add up to real beauty. For me beauty starts deep within a person and is not skin deep.


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