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Stone Crusher Supplier for South Africa

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By AZoMining.com Staff WritersTopics CoveredIntroduction barite grinding plant for sale
to ArctiteProperties of ArctiteHow to Identify ArctiteGlobal DistributionOccurrence of Arctite and Useful Mineral AssociationReferencesIntroduction to ArctiteChemical Formula – Na5Ca7Ba(PO4)6.F3Arctite is named after the Arctic region where it was discovered.Properties of ArctiteThe following are the key properties of arctite:Cell DataSpace group: R3ma = 7.094c = 41.320Z = 1Crystal DataHexagonalPoint group: 3 2/mAs crystals to 3cmX-ray powder pattern: 2.746 (100), 3.43 (32), 13.80 (25), 3.06 (25), 2.804 (25), 3.54 (21), 2.719 (21)Chemical CompositionElementsContent 1Content 2P2O533.8336.72SiO23.6-ZrO23.25-Fe2O30.quarry equipment manufacturer
20-CaO31.8033.85BaO12.0013.22Na2O9.7213.36K2O1.64-F5.254.92H2O0.50--O=F22.202.07S0.22-Total99.81100.00Optical PropertiesTransparentColor: colorlessLuster: vitreousOptical Class: Uniaxial (-), maybe anomalously biaxialω = 1.578(2)ε = 1.577(2)Estimated PropertiesElectron densityBulk density (electron density) = 3.08 g/cm3note: Specific gravity of arctite = 3.12 g/cm3PhotoelectricPEArctite = 4.91 barns/electronU = PEArctite x ρ electron density = 15.14 barns/cm3Fermion indexFermion index = 0.0006048124Boson index = 0.99939RadioactivityArctite is not radioactive.How to Identify ArctiteArctite appears as a colorless, transparent mineral, with a stone crusher supplier for south Africa
vitreous luster. It exhibits a pearly luster on the perfect cleavages.Global DistributionArctite is found in the valley of Vuonnemiok River on Mt. Koashva, Khibiny massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia.Occurrence of Arctite and Useful Mineral AssociationArctite occurs in the late stage pneumatolytic mineral in pegmatites veinlets in a differentiated alkali massif.It is associated with such minerals as natrosilite, vuonnemite, zirsinalite, lomonosovite,...


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