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High Efficiency Cone Crusher

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Topics CoveredIntroduction to AtheneiteProperties of AtheneiteHow to Identify AtheneiteGlobal DistributionOccurrence of Atheneite and Useful Mineral AssociationReferencesIntroduction to AtheneiteChemical Formula – (Pd,Hg)3AsAtheneite is a rare palladium, mercury arsenide mineral first discovered in 1974 by E.E. Fejer, .J. Criddle and A.M. Clark from the Minas Gerais mine Single-stage Hammer Crusher
in Itabira, Brazil. It was named for the Greek goddess Pallas Athene, in allusion to its palladium content.Properties of AtheneiteThe following are the key properties of Atheneite:Cell DataSpace Group: P6/mmma = 6.798c = 3.483Z = 2Crystal DataHexagonalPoint Group: 6/m 2/m 2/mAs tiny blebs; crystal outlines seldom displayed, grain boundaries being commonly embayedX-ray Powder Pattern: 2.423 (vvs), 2.246 (vs), 1.371 (s), 1.302 (s), 1.259 (s), 1.871 (ms), 1.034 (ms)Chemical CompositionElementsContent 1Content 2Pd66.067.15Pt-1.96Hg14.913.79Au0.50.47Fe-0.08Cu0.1<0.07As1917.48Sb0.1-Total100.6100.93Optical PropertiesAnisotropism: DistinctEstimated PropertiesElectron densityBulk density (electron density)=9.36 g/cm3note: Specific gravity of Atheneite =11.1 g/cm3PhotoelectricPEAtheneite = 681.59 barns/electronU= PEAtheneite x ρElectron density= 6379.56 barns/cm3Fermion indexFermion index = 0.21Boson index = 0.79RadioactivityAtheneite Overflow type ball mill
is not radioactiveHow to Identify AtheneiteAtheneite is an opaque gray white mineral with a metallic luster. The mineral has density of 10.2 and hardness of 5.Global DistributionAtheneite is distributed in the following places:Itabira [TL], and in the Cauˆe and Concei¸c˜ao iron mines, Minas Gerais, BrazilSerra Pelada Au–Pd–Pt deposit, Para, BrazilMerensky Reef, Bushveldt complex, Transvaal, South AfricaZlatoust, Ural Mountains, RussiaOccurrence of Atheneite and Useful Mineral AssociationAtheneite occurs in...


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