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Cement Clinker Rotary Kiln

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By AZoMining.com Staff WritersTopics CoveredIntroduction to AuriacusiteProperties of AuriacusiteHow to Identify AuriacusiteGlobal DistributionOccurrence of Auriacusite and Useful Mineral AssociationReferencesIntroduction to AuriacusiteChemical Formula – Fe3+ Cu2+ AsO4OAuriacusite was named after the Latin word ‘auri’ meaning (golden yellow and ‘acus’ meaning (needle, manganese ore crusher
in allusion to its color and habit). This mineral belongs to the olivenite group.Properties of AuriacusiteThe following are the key properties of auriacusite:Cell DataSpace group: Pnnma = 8.6235(7)b = 8.2757(7)c = 5.9501(5)Z = 4.Crystal DataOthorhombicPoint group: 2/m2/m2/mAs acicular needles, elongated on [001], to 0.1 mmIn fibrous matsX-ray powder pattern: 4.884 (100), 2.991 (92), 2.476 (85), 2.416 (83), 2.669 (74), 4.218 (69), 1.582 (54).Chemical CompositionElementsContent 1Content 2Fe2O331.3629.11CuO19.9329.00As2O517.3241.89Sb2O512.71-ZnO0.80-SiO20.76-TeO30.53-SO30.50-PbO0.16-P2O50.04-SeO30.04-Cl0.04-Ag2O0.03--O=Cl0.01-Total84.21100.00Optical PropertiesOptical class: Biaxial (+)Orientation: X = a; Y = c; Z = bDispersion: strong, r < v, probableα = 1.830(5); β = 1.865(5); γ = 1.910(5)2V(meas.) = 83.3(3)°2V(calc.) = 84.6°How to Identify AuriacusiteAuriacusite can be identified in the field by its ochreous yellow color. Its transparent form has a silky luster with brownish yellow streak. The fracture on this mineral is uneven. The density of auriacusite is 4.447 g/cm3 with a hardness of 3 Mohs.Global DistributionAuriacusite is distributed mainly in the Black Pine mine, 14.5 km NW of Philipsburg, Granite County, Montana, USA.Occurrence of Auriacusite mining machine
and Useful Mineral AssociationAuriacusite occurs in a secondary mineral in the weathering zone of a polymetallic...


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