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Classification and Characteristics of Dryer

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Hongxing professional manufacture the dryer, coal slime dryer, lignite dryer and other drying equipments, our company established for several decades, has produced and selled thousands of drying equipments, has been unanimously praised by users at home and abroad, Hongxing products are worthy of trust.Here we will introduce the classification and characteristics of dryer.The classification of dryers are as follows:1, according to theheating: the drying machinecan bedivided into theconvection heating dryer, conduction heating dryermachine, other kindsof heat transfer dryingmachines;2, according to types of structure: the drying machine can be divided intospray dryer, fluidized bed dryer, air current dryer,rotary dryer,rotary drumdryer, all kinds of box-typedryer, mesh-belt dryer and other dryers;3, according to the type of drying medium: convection heat transfer can be divided into the air, flue gas, super heated steam, inert gas; conduction heat transfer can be divided into the thermal oil, hot water, steam, etc.;4, according to the state of the materialdried:Dry materials can be divided into block materials, strip materials, granular materials, pastes materials, solution or slurry materials, etc., in many cases, the original state of materials decide the type of the dryer;And the characteristics of dryers are as follows:1. The roller is made of light plate’s stainless steel which has excellent heat resistance, , the inwallis smooth, can reduce the materials’ wear and tear.2. Efficient radiator, and with a reasonable lead air duct, so that the hot air can direct contact with materials, greatly improving the drying efficiency, while saving energy.3. Using computer control, we can configurate different drying temperature and drying time according to the drying requirements.4. Major diameter material entrance facilitates the inlet and outlet of materials. greatly improving the drying efficiency.


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