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"We are born to love,not to hate.We are born to love each other not to destroy one another." - Barristar

Days and Nights

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The Present
Nothing in life is easy. Everything requires work to actually work. At least in the ways we want them to work. That’s what I’ve learned. And not through the easy way either.
Waking up every morning is a blessing for me. It’s a new opportunity to get closer to whatever I’m searching and yearning for in life. But in all honesty, I have no idea what they are yet. I’ve stopped thinking of what those might be. I figured it’s the easiest way to live in a non-easy world. I might be wrong. But then again, I might be right. I don’t know yet. I guess I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

The fact that I’m 25 causes some to say I’m too young to have that amount of thoughts and reflections in my head. But I guess my story always convinces them otherwise. I’ve experienced so much already. More than people twice my age have.
Not that it’s a loss for those people. It was just how my life happened to play out. No one really knows how those things can go I guess.  

When I hit 21, I decided to just do whatever made me happy in that particular moment I was in. And if I didn’t know what that would be, I would just do something. That’s the only way to find out what it’s not and what ends up being. And that has gotten me into a lot of… I wouldn’t only say trouble. But yes, just as much as it got me into meaningful realizations and relationships. Relationships or brief moments with those who became acquaintances that got me where I am today. Where I am happy. Where I am my own. Where I am me and somebody else’s just as much as I am my own.


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