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Stone Quarry Using Crushing Machinery

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The operation of the machine is as follows. A quantity of steel balls or the like 130 are placed in the drum which is then caused to rotate by means of the motor 32. Materials to be ground such as bran is fed into the chute 76. As the screen rotates,stone quarry machinery this material will then travel to the right and any fine material therein passes through the screen 54. The overs of the screen are then picked up by the scoop 102 and dumped on the chute 94 where they pass to the righthand end of the drum. As the drum is rotated this material then passes to the left through the drum and is continuously ground by the action of the balls as it passes to the left and out through the openings 88 which are large enough to permit the material being ground to pass through but which retain the balls. This same material again passes over the screen where the finer portions are removed and the coarser are again returned to the drums by means of the scoop 102 and the chute 94.

This it will be s.en that I have provided a very simple and cfficient self-ccntained ball mill and screen which first screens any material to be ground after which it is passed through the ball mill and again screened and the overs again pass through the ball mill until they are ground sufficiently to pass through the screen. The material passing through the screen is propelled by the conveyor 118 to a chute 132 beneath which a bag or the like 134 may be secured for catching the raw material.

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