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The Finger

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She found her brothers finger in the grass by the shed. She tried to clean the dry blood

off but it wouldn’t rub off.

Its been five years since he lost his finger. Unfortunately my brothers deceased now. I know he

would have been happy to see it. Its funny it still has his gold ruby class ring on it. I miss my brother.

His name is Charlie. He had long shaggy brown hair and pale skin white as snow. And he always

smelled like apples. I use to wonder if he would cut an apple in half and rub it on himself. I don’t

remember how my brother lost his finger exactly. I use to make up the wild stories of how it might

of happened. One time I   imagined that he was at a party and lost a bet and so they cut his finger

off with a butter knife.

Everyday I ask myself how did he die exactly? No one will tell me . I wonder if his death was on

accident or on purpose. I would daydream about being like Nancy Drew and solve the case of my


I went to Charlies grave today like I usually do. But I found something very unusual.

There was a very small but deep hole in front of his grave stone.

“ That’s strange that’s never been there before” I wondered .

So I stuck my finger in the hole to see whats in it . But it was very odd . The grass seemed lose kind

of like a secret trap door. So I just pulled it up to see if anything was there and low and behold there

was a secret door.

I was amazed ! Why was the door here ? There were very old looking stairs. The kind of stairs

that you see in a horror movie . Where the old brown wood is chipping and peeling and their very

creaky. This could be my Nancy Drew day dream come true!   So like Nancy Drew I started to go down

the horror movie stairs.

As I got to the bottom of the stair case it was pitch dark. I couldn’t even see my own hand in front

of my face. Where ever I was it was very stuffy. The being locked in the attic kind of stuffy. As I...


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