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Kirk Doherty Is Illuminati

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Doherty is illuminati
Kirk Doherty
Captain Kirk
William Shatner (as Captain Kirk)
The Chairman
Iron Chef
The Iron Throne
Game of Thrones
You live or you die
Jesus Christ died
Jesus was a teacher
Mr Doherty is a teacher
Doherty was born
Jesus was born, then reborn
Jesus is not Mr. Doherty

Doherty was born in 1966
The CBC began broadcasting color tv in 1966
Martin Luther King is a colored person
MLK began his campaign in Chicago, 1966
These 3 things form a triangle
Illuminati is represented by a triangle
Could it be that Doherty is in fact the illuminati?

He was born in 1966
666 is the sign of the devil
That makes Doherty 2/3rds of the devil
Two thirds, a two and a three
Three sides to a triangle
Doherty has two eyes
But the illuminati has one!
1 in 1966
But what about the 9?

Go back to MLK and Chicago in 1966
Chicago Bears won 8 pre NFL championships
And one superbowl in 1985
Nine championships
The nine championships of the Chicago bears in the 1966
But what if Bears are more than just the key to this puzzle

The Soviet Union was represented by a bear
Stalin was the original leader with a trio of
Stalin, Zinoviev and Kamenev
3 people
The illuminati is a triangle, with Doherty and the devil in the middle of it
Three points
Stalin & soviet union
Where are the other two points?

Back to the iron throne
Game of Thrones
Mr Dohertys daughter is Caitlin
Cateyln Stark
Catelyn Stark has 3 children
Robb, Sansa, and Arya
3 children form a triangle

Mr. Doherty is a teacher
He teaches at Lambrick Park
Lambrick Park first opened its doors in 1966/67
This number repeats itself so many times > cant be coincidence

Doherty is an English teacher
He knows the meaning of words
Doherty is a compound word
Do – hurt – ee
Who else does hurt?
The devil does things that hurts people
Who else is at the middle of the triangle
But the...


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