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Is E Cigarette Harmful?

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What is the harm of e cigarettes? Smokers say that in China
Kunming some advertising company Mr Huang has been smoking e cigarettes, the understanding of the e cigarette is no ordinary cigarette smoking ", "just began

to smoke when feeling a little not accustomed to, take out after a period of time, feel a lot less about ordinary cigarette smoke, but still feel" can't

enough the illusions about nicotine addiction ".

What is the harm of e cigarettes?Smokers say that abroad
Several former smokers said, after a few days of using e cigarettes, they quit, regular cigarettes."With my breathing, sleep all right."42, Greg hayes

said.He work in the information system in Atlanta, smoked for more than 20 years.The above mentioned seller of e cigarettes bass plug ms luo, from started

smoking at the age of 14, once smoking two packs a day.She tried to use nicotine patches and some other things to help to quit smoking, but failed.Until the

beginning of 2009, she began to buy e cigarettes, and has been used to now.

What is the harm of e cigarettes?Production enterprises say that
Buss most ms luo was a computer consultant, she said: "e cigarette has changed my life, I'd like to introduce it to more people."She started last year

"smoke", and has sold 1.5 million e cigarettes.Company's website have no slogans chanted health, only described the e cigarettes as tobacco substitutes

"wonderful". Smoking e cigarettes can help addicts easily to give up smoking.Nicotine is the main component of addiction, he can make the person produces

euphoria and therefore the fooled;Through systematically using nicotine concentration gradually reduce the smoke bomb, can make smokers keep in a state of

smoking, unconsciously will get rid of smoking, achieve the purpose of easy to give up smoking.

What is the harm of e cigarettes?The scientific research institution say that
The American public health association on tobacco control group's Joel, strange,...


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