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The Introduction of Spiral Classifier Which Is Widely Used

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The spiral classifier has a simple structure, is   reliable, easy to operate. Spiral classification equipment is widely used in closed loop with the ball mill dubbed mineral sands process of triage process, or the gravity concentrator grading ore and fine mud, and metal beneficiation process for pulp particle size grading, and washing mining operations in the mud, dehydration and other operations.Due to the helical blade buried parking grit will start causing problems, and thus has a screw shaft lifting mechanism, namely screw driven by a motor through a gear reducer and a pair of tapered shaft lift. In addition, in dynamic change if too thick layer of coarse sand sedimentation caused by rotation of the screw shaft difficulties may also be slightly raised to prevent damage to the blades and other parts.The semi-circular sink, welded steel plate and steel, have the inlet on the side wall of the central tank, the upper end of the lower part of the tank has a return sand mouth. The lower end of the bottom of the groove has a discharge valve, this valve is closed during normal operation, and in the special case of the failure to open the pulp discharged. Tank fitted with vertical hollow shaft, the shaft is equipped with a spiral manner to clamp angle guide plate frame adapted to support the above fixed spiral blades around their bodies use more double helix spiral pitch, etc., and equipped with resistance at the edges of the leaves mill liner. Spiral classifier spiral shaft through the motor, reducer, vice cylindrical gear and bevel gear drive, gear at the upper end of the device.Cross-axis spindle head is supported on both sides of the head mount gear rack, it can enable the screw shaft rotates, but also for the lifting. When stirring the pulp to make light fine particles float, the carriage of heavy particles sink to the bottom of the upper. Hollow shaft usually made ​​of seamless steel tubes, or after a long steel plate welded to form. Welding the ends of the hollow...


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