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Life in Australia During the 1950s Changed Remarkably Prior to World War 2

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Life in the 1950s has remarkably different to the life prior to World War II. In the 1950s, technology was rapidly changing the way Australia lived, worked, travelled and entertained themselves. The availability of cars allowed families to go on holidays and travel. The 1950s saw a housing boom with the creation of suburbs and families were able to purchase new appliances such as Mixmaster’s, washing machines and refrigerators.

Leisure, which involves factors such as sporting, surfing or travel, was a huge aspect in the remarkable change during the 1950s in Australia. Holidays and sport (such as cricket), for example, played a major role in this particular area, as luxuries were leaned more towards the outdoors rather than the indoors during the 1950s. During this point of time, Queensland was described and portrayed as the perfect holiday Reason being for the statement, Queensland had consisted of various paradise-like beaches as well as other enjoyable activities such as surfing. Promoted excellently and persuasively through advertisement, this encouraged many families residing in Australia (apart from Queensland) to travel to Queensland to experience the foretold paradise environment. However, not everybody could do so, as many could not afford the funds for long distance travel via car. Throughout this time, the wealthy contained the more advanced appliances and therefore, had the ability to travel to luxurious places such as Queensland. Despite being portrayed as almost perfect, few sources are to be recognized as rather biased, as they are only solely based on the perspective of those who reside in Queensland itself. Continuing on, motels, apart of the leisure aspect, were newly being introduced to Australia, as the first motel built and opened up was located in Canberra. As of today, motels are well known and spread right across the country, containing significant convenience in regards to travelling. In being said, leisure, including factors...


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