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Sustainable Fashion

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First of all, what do we mean by sustainable fashion? Of course we are familiar with these two words, but I would like to give precise definitions. The latter, “Sustainability” has many definitions indeed, with the most common ones being an activity that can be continued indefinitely without causing harm; and meeting a current generation’s needs without compromising those of future generations. The former, “Fashion”, well there is a lot to say about it, but it is simply a manner of doing something, and popularly the latest style of clothing and behavior. Over the past decade, the style of clothing has started to be rapidly changed and fashion trends have become more industrialized leading to low-cost production as well as low-cost clothing industry, which introduces us “Fast Fashion”. At the present time, fashion industry is mostly composed of fast fashion companies. There are environmental costs and social concerns arise from fast fashion industry, which are need to be eliminated or at least reduced towards to a sustainable fashion.
What is Fast Fashion?
Fast fashion is a fast-response system to a high-cost luxury fashion trends, but with a low-cost.
  * Rapid turnover: A formerly turnaround time from catwalk to consumer of six months is now compressed to a few weeks by such leading companies as H&M and Zara, since they need to match higher profits.
  * Low manufacturing and low labor costs: There is a continuous development of technology at all levels of manufacturing activities aiming at reduced labor intensity and quicker delivery. For example, knitwear is increasingly made by machines, however, in 300 years of innovation, no technical substitutes has been found for human hands able to handle and sew all kinds of fabrics, a task that is still complex for robots. Instead, the ‘mobile’ industry has relocated in pursuit of cheap labor –relocated to whichever area of the globe has the cheapest labor costs.
  * Globally fragmented supply chain: with a...


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