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Correct Installation and Debugging for Vibratory Feeder

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Vibrating feeder, which is also known as vibratiory feeder and vibrating grizzly feeder, can feed block or granule materials from the material storage to charging device evenly and continuously. It can realize even feeding for crushers in sandstone production line and make rough screening for materials. Widely applied in combined operation of crushing and screening in the industries like metallurgy, mine, mine selection, building materials, chemicals, etc..

But do you know how to install and debug this vibrating grizzzly feeder at present?

1. Manner of vibrating feeder used in quantitative feed ingredients, to ensure that when the feeding uniform stability, prevent the complete materials should be installed, such as general continuous feeding of material, can install downdip 10 °.For larger viscous material and water content of the material can be installed downdip 15 °.

2. After installation of vibratory feeder should swim with 20 mm of clearance transverse level, suspension device adopts flexible connection.

3. before empty test vibratory feeder , all the bolts should be once, especially vibration motor anchor bolt, continuous operation shall be retightened 3 to 5 hours.

4, test run two vibrating motors must reverse rotation, the stability of the current and noise, find parking exceptions should be timely treatment.

⒌ motor bearing every February filling grease, high temperature season should be filling lubricating oil once a month.

6. For difficult to transport materials (such as talcum powder, titanium dioxide, white clay, flour, clay, etc.), as well as the water content of hydrophilic material, should be determined according to test production.Necessary vibrating feeder tub tilt appropriate installation (usually tip down 10 ~ 15 degrees), in order to increase quantificationally.

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