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Life Is Full of Ifs and Buts

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Kaifey Kaifey Aifey Waifey ho jata hai, aifey waifey kaifey kaifey ho jata hai! From Iqbal's verse to 'dhan tan tan', the movie had it all.

Fahid Kapoor as the quintessential goody two shoes Guddu and the epitome of the the spirit of the movie Charlie was, to sum it up, FTUNNING!!!!!!!!!!! Priyanka Chopra acted, which by itself should be enough, but would you believe it, she acted well? Very well. Chandan Roy Sanyal as Mikhail was a find, but the actor who stole the show was Amol Gupte as Bhope Bhau. In a movie where everyone and I mean ABFOLUTEY everyone has done such a fabulous job, it must've been supremely tough to pick a favorite and for one to overshadow the others, but yes if anyone did overshadow the rest, it was Amol Gupte. What is tougher to fathom is that there is sooooooo much talent all in one guy (he is the writer of   Taare Zameen Par). Kinda unfair to the rest of humanity. What actually starts to sink in a few weeks after the movie is the sheer brilliance of Vishal Bhardwaj and his wife Rekha Bhardwaj. Supremely talented couple and I dont know how their minds work the way they do, but I am so glad they do. From Maqbool to Omkara to Kaminey, their work has been outstanding.

This post was not intended to be a movie review, but the entire experience was so overwhelming. References to Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese are inevitable and for the first time, I saw a hindi movie good enough to belong to that genre. The dialogues, cinematography, background score, direction, everything was FUPER.

Everyone I saw it with LOVED the movie. So much so that frantic plans are being made to watch it over and over again with different groups of people in a bid to educate the masses (white man's burden et all). But I do hear of people who did not like the movie at all. Here's my theory to it:

"There are two kind of people in this world. One who loved the movie and two who did not understand it."


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