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Do You Know the Main Functions of the Rotary Kiln

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Rotary kiln combustion equipment on the one hand, in which pulverized coal combustion heat; also the heat transfer equipment, raw materials, heat absorbing gases calcination. In addition sometimes transportation equipment, raw materials transported to the discharge end from the feed side. Fuel combustion, heat transfer and material movement must be reasonable co-ordination among the three to make fuel combustion to produce heat to pass raw material in the raw material through the rotary kiln time, has reached the high-yield, high-quality, low consumption of purpose.1. Rotary kiln is a burning equipment. Grinding thin coal from the stove kiln head blower injected, from the burning of heat conduction, convection and radiation through three basic heat transfer, will heat to the material. As burning equipment, the rotary kiln has space and thermal field, can provide enough air, installed good burning device, ensure that burning full burning, provide necessary for clinker calcination quantity of heat.2. The rotary kiln is a sloping rotary cylinder (Angle is in commonly 3%-5%), by the high-end join raw cylinder (namely preheater), in the rotary kiln constantly sport, the material from high-end to low-end (i.e. kiln head) gradually movement, so, rotary kiln is a transportation equipment.3. Use the function of the waste degradation. Because the rotary kiln has high temperature field and thermal field stagnation air time long, biodegradable chemical, pharmaceutical, etc discharge of poisonous and harmful waste. At the same time, can be one of the most of the heavy metal element in curing clinker, generate stable salt, to avoid the "waste incineration installation" easy to produce the secondary pollution.4. The rotary kiln has chemical reaction function. In the forming process of clinker, had a series of physical and chemical reaction, the rotary kiln can be divided to meet the different stages of quantity of heat, temperature mineral form the request, and can meet the...


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