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The Applied Areas of Fote Dryer

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Zhengzhou Fote powder drying equipment is the company for superfine powder series of materials developed by special equipment , widely used in chemical , pharmaceutical, pesticide , food,Feed, agricultural processing and other industries drying operation . Ultrafine powder materials suitable for drying . Such as black silicon carbide powder, silicon carbide powder , green silicon carbide powder , lightweight carbonCalcium ultrafine nano calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate , aluminum hydroxide, strontium carbonate, barium carbonate, sodium hydrosulfite , barium sulfate , potassium sulfate, nickel sulfate, hydroxide, lithium hydroxide,Nickel, barium , calcium , lithium , zinc sulfate .Powder dryer is for ultrafine powder materials developed special drying equipment, with more environmentally friendly, energy-saving , pollution, low loss characteristics. New energy-saving baking powderDry equipment, continuous drying , improve production efficiency . Effectively reduce the micro- dust consumption, reduce waste and loss of materials. Effective cost savings compared with traditional powder drying equipment 。Cost savings of nearly 30 %. Industrial development, mining inseparable resources are non-renewable resources of coal , coal mining enterprises is the material basis upon which the survival and development , industrial development and daily life 。Live in is indispensable. In recent years , global warming, environmental awareness has been growing importance of China"s coal resources are increasingly pan- collapse in the mining process, after washing ,Open-air dumps, part of the coal and impurities are under water will , after the precipitate formed slime . Under normal circumstances , coal with high moisture content ( 20% -30 % ) , direct use of combustion efficiency too.Low , nor for winter storage, besides resulting in open dumps slime product mining environment , " water loss in case the wind blowing ," thus causing the loss of coal resources and environmental...


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