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Jaw Crusher Solve Process Defects, Optimize Product Technology Imminent

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Jaw crusher is also called the old tiger's mouth, in mining, building materials, construction and other departments is mainly used for the crushing machine and grinding machine. As an important equipment in mine stone crusher, the most rapid development in China, from 1949 to the present, jaw crusher appeared in many models, which broke the size as the criteria for the classification of the situation. However, jaw crusher in China although growth, but there are some differences in comparison with the world advanced level. In the fierce market competition, only strengthen the innovation, constantly improve their own technical content, improve product quality, to catch up with the world level, to stabilize the domestic market, to occupy the international market.
Jaw crusher process defects
Jaw crusher in any case development, its working principle is fixed, the jaw crusher is optimized, which improve the jaw crusher and the service life and the work efficiency.
The crushing process also exist some deficiencies and defects. First of all, the crushing process is relatively simple, can not realize the multifunction crushing, alas in working process, if the material properties to be broken is heterogeneous, not the traditional crushing process to complete dissociation of them, also easy to present the material crushing phenomenon. The crushing make useful components decrease, formed the crushing of waste, resulting in a waste of resources; secondly, in the crushing compressive strength reaches a certain degree of time, crushing equipment will but not crushing effect is ideal to consume a lot of energy; third, jaw crusher machine under the conditions of ultrafine crushing is difficult, we need to pass many section can be achieved due to crushing, whole equipment is relatively large, relatively heavy, occupied area and large space in the installation process, but also strong support; fourth, jaw crusher in the work of engineering, power consumption, consumption of steel...


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