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Measures to Improve Autoclave Safety

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In the context of fast open pressure vessel, a device with the times of development and prosperity, is that both the production of new building materials with steam autoclave equipment. According to an authoritative interpretation, autoclave is a large weight of large pressure vessels, is mainly for aerated concrete, sand-lime bricks, brick, piles of coal ash at high temperature and high pressure, is used to improve the strength and performance.
Largest in the Central Plains region, according to ZG   door autoclave equipment manufacturers container introduced, due to the autoclave device is a special equipment, its operational safety is using an enterprise problem that needs special consideration, using the time to pay attention to the following issues:
Switch Kettle door autoclave device:
Although the autoclave is usually fully automatic doors, but when products go after pot, kettle and kettle should be bared, and pulled down the security, and finally check the autoclave door closes before the aspirated after the maintenance is complete, then open the autoclave door must check if there is pressure inside the kettle to prevent operator scald by steam.
Autoclave safety valve operation:
Autoclave safety valves guarantee safe operation of pressure vessels and piping systems to prevent accidents of vital safety attachments. In order to ensure the good performance of safety valve requires regular maintenance and routine maintenance work.
Autoclave sealing ring:
Autoclave sealing ring ensures safe operation of the autoclave important ancillary accessories, seals in use should be inspected regularly, replaced in a timely manner, in order to ensure effective sealing of the autoclave door.
Autoclave equipment running at the same time, you should also keep the water clear discharge, to avoid formation reactor temperature increases too much stress and thermal deformation of deviations.


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