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16.American values and beliefs as they are reflected in the American character.
  If you asked most Americans what the cultural values in the US are, you might get some blank stares, or a statement of some basic beliefs. The question may seem simple, but the answer is quite complex in a society as highly diverse as the US, there is likely to be a multitude of answers.
  American culture has been enriched by the values and belief system of virtually every part of the world. Consequently, it is impossible to be comprehensive. Nevertheless, a few selected values are at the core of the American value system.
  1) individual freedom.
  Whether you call it individual freedom, individualism or independence. It is the comestone of American values. It permeates every aspect of our society. The concept of an individual’s having control over his/her destiny and individual rights are guaranteed in the US Constitution.
  2) while our economic system may be dominated by large corporations, the majority of American businesses are small, and many are owned by an individual or a family. It is part of American dream to be your own boss.
  3) Choice of education. Americans have pragmatic approach to learning, so what one learns outside the classrooms though internships extracurricular activities and the like is often considered as important as what is learned in the classroom. Learning is valued. Americans have many choices. In school they decide their major field of study, perhaps with or without their parents influence, and students even get to select some of their courses. The belief that Americans should be all that you can be emanates from our Protestant heritage. Since the majority of the early settlers were Protestant, they believed that they had a responsibility to improve themselves, to develop their talents, to be the best they could be.
  4) The family. The main purpose of the American family is to bring about the happiness of each individual family members....


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