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What Are the Outstanding Merits of Lignite Coal Dryer

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Lignite coal dryer produced by Fote Macinery adopts the unique design and advanced technology, which can save energy and protect the environment. Now we will introduce the features of lignite coal dryer for our customers at home and abroad.Features of lignite coal dryer:(1) Lignite coal dryer has strong anti-overload capacity, big processing capacity, low fuel consumption and low drying cost.(2) It adopts concurrent drying method, so that the smoke and the moist materials go into the dryer machine from the same side. Relying on the high-temperature smoke, the materials will get high evaporation intensity. The outlet temperature of the drying machine is low and the heat efficiency is high.(3) According to the property of different materials, the running parameters of the equipment can be changed, so that the materials inside the dryer cylinder can form stable and whole section of material curtain to improve the mass and heat exchange.(4) It adopts new type of feeding and discharging device, thus completely eradicating feeding blockage, incontinuity, uneven and returning charge and reducing the load of the dust collection system.(5) The new type of internal structure strengthens the clearance and heat conduction of the scattered materials and eliminates the stickiness of materials on the internal wall of the cylinder, so that it has stronger adaptability to the water content and stickiness of the materials.(6) Lignite coal dryer realizes zero horizontal thrust, thus greatly reducing the abrasion of the catch wheel and riding wheel and making the operation of the cylinder stable and reliable.(7) Lignite coal dryer adopts self-aligning riding wheel device, so that the matching of the riding wheel and the roller ring is always in a linear contact state, thus greatly reducing the abrasion and power consumption.(8) According to the customers" requirement, it can control the product granularity and water content. The water content of the final products can reach below 8%...


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