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How to Solve the Existing Problems of Slag Dryer

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The slag dryer is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement industry drying , slag, limestone, coal powder, clay and other materials.Especially for slag, pulp, the effect is more obvious. After nearly 20-year development of our company,the new generation dryer for slag, pulp and iron ore pellets, is more energy saving and consumption reductive.Slag dryer is a drying equipment, it has advantages of high power consumption, high coal consumption, high thermal efficiency, low yield. But it still have some problems exist in technological transformation. Today we want to analysis the reason of existing problems. We from five aspects to slove these problems:1.improve the combustion of pulverized coal injection system, increasing coal crushingThe coal is crushed to ≤ 1mm after the bunker into the reservoir, used for drying stove, storage bunker under the disc feeder, drying the material according to the water to adjust the amount of coal, pulverized coal injection to the combustion chamber quantification.2.plus slag dryer strong ventilation and sealingIn discharging slag dryer tail flap valve on the addition of downpipe to reduce short cold air leakage and heat loss phenomenon, slag dryer head contact labyrinth seal to eliminate the phenomenon of right cylindrical outer string of fire damage to the body, play thermal efficiency.3.stable furnace temperature, increase the thermal efficiency of slag dryerOriginal hand-fired stove fixed grate transformation of pulverized coal burning stove and furnace heightening lengthened, so that the volume of original stove 47.8㎡, expanding to 57.2 cubic meters ensure that its air temperature at 800℃ ~ 1000℃ range of stable supply.4. reasonable arrangement lifting plateAccording to downstream dryer process, after analyzing re-design and layout feeding device, use modular lifting plate.5.stable feeding, additional disk feederThe newly added disk feeder installed in the wet residue positions below, so that...


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