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New Type Cone Crusher Is Equipped with Remarkable Advantages

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For a long time, cone crusher has been used in industries of metallurgy, building materials, building a road and chemistry, and it gains most of clients" praises for its stable features, high efficient productivity and relatively low cost. As one leader in domestic crushing industry, our company has accumulated a lot of experience on cone crusher development and production.How does cone crusher works?The crushing process is completed between the fixed cone and moving cycle"s movement. When the cone crusher is working, the horizontal axis of crushing machine is driven by motor through belt and pulley, which is driven by the eccentric sleeve rotation, and the eccentricity does the spin pendulum movement, so that the crushing wall surface sometimes is close to the fixed cone surface, sometimes away from the surface of the fixed cone crusher cone axis under the action of the eccentric sleeve, which causes the impact, friction and extrusion of material in the cabinet. The crushed material is discharging from discharging opening with the gravity of them.Cone crusher on the chamber support fixed spindle upper end of the spherical bearing on its inferior vena sets the outside of the eccentric sleeve, and its movement is driven directly by the eccentric sleeve. The dynamic cone and the axis of the spindle centerline keep stationary at a fixed point, i.e., the spherical center point, the angle of the precession angle. When the crushing machine is working, cone axis is moving on the conical surface that is the top of the cone for the spherical bearing center, the point in the process of moving cone movement always remains stationary relative to the machine centerline. So The moving cone movement can be seen as rigid body around the fixed point of rotation, that is to say, the moving cone movement is composed of two rotational motions: one is the moving cone rotating moves around the machine centerline: the other is the moving cone moves around own axis rotary motion.Compared...


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