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Great Technical Renovations of Rotary Kiln System

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Rotary kiln can accept a wide range of sizes from 60mm down to dust, feature of the tumbling bed in the kiln is that larger stones migrate towards the outside of the bed, while smaller ones concentrate at the centre of the bed. So the larger stones being exposed to higher temperatures and avoids over- calcination of the finer fractions. Because of the ease with which they can be controlled, rotary kilns can produce a wider range of reactivity and lower CaCO3 levels than shaft kilns. The variability, however, tends to be greater than that of shaft kilns. Through the technical renovations, the rotary kiln calcining system equipment has adopted the advanced hydraulic thrust roller device, the high measuring precession plunger pump, the variable speed adjusted valve, the contact graphite block sealing device and the other national advanced technologies. In order to raise up automation degree, the industrial TV has been used at the kiln head for monitoring of kiln, the simulation phosphor screen has been used for display of process flow; the infrared scanning system has been adopted for calcining zone to directly reflect the burning conditions on the computer. With the use of these new of these new technologies, it is direct in vision, convenient in operation and reliable in use.Therefore, the thermal condition can be stabilized and the running rate of equipment can be raised. Compared to same sized equipment, its running rate has been raised 10% up, production has been increased 5-10% and heat consumption has been reduced 15% down. Rotary kiln for active lime rotary kiln are reliable combined scale sealing. The air leakage coefficient is less than 10% using composite refractory material, to reduce radiation loss. Relatively weak feed-stones, such as shell deposits, and limestone that decrepitates, are unsuitable as feed to shaft kiln but may prove to be acceptable for rotary kilns.At the present, Fote Heavy Machinery has set up three state level machinery research...


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