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Animal Experimentation for Scientific Purposes

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The world is developing at a very brisk pace. Thanks to the inventions or innovations in various fields that are taking place constantly. Human brain is so gifted that humans can think and apply their thoughts so wonderfully well. However, looking at the approach, and the living beings that are being used in the experimentation, doesn't it make anybody feel sorry? I strongly beileve that there should be some alternatives explored in order to replace usage of animals.

The primary reason for my condemnation to animal experimentation is that "animals are also beings", and humans should not take them for granted to benefit the man-kind. There are a lot of species like the frogs, rats, cockroaches, snakes that are being used from a very long time now. This shows the human domination on this earth. Just liek how humans are knit with families and responsibilities, most animals / species also do have their families and responsibilities towards them. If one person in the family is killed for whatever reason, the entire family mourns for the loss, and further will struggle to make up for the loss. The same applies for most animals too. It is essential for humans to understand this.

While the scientific experimentation should go on and never stop, there should be some alternatives also explored in order to conduct them without the use of animals. For example, there could be some prototypes of the required species developed and make them as much close to what that species comprises of, then perform experiments on the prototypes. This is easily said, but developing such prototypes may not be as simple. It requires enormous effort and time, but may not be impossible either.

Another alternative could be to invent intelligent machines, which can respond in the similar way as the animals do when experimenting. When a human brain could develop a robot, which does almost everything that a human does, "Is it not possible to develop machines that can respond like animals to...


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