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Good Times

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Good Times Coming – FDR’s Rises into Power
Alberto Figueroa

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), the 32nd President of the United States (1933-1945), was a very famous president because of his brave courage in taking the presidency over rough times, but also was notorious because of his power grabs during his presidency. Roosevelt had to lead America through one of the greatest economic disasters that it has ever known. He helped America go through a terrible war of blood, racism and discrimination. He often had to use his presidential power, which caused people to criticize him so much. In fact, Roosevelt was notorious, because sometimes the way he tried to protect the country and the people ended up taking away innocent civilians’ rights and having some of his New Deal proposals declared unconstitutional.

When Roosevelt was Governor of New York, he believed in progressive government and instituted a number of new social programs. By 1930, Republicans were being blamed for the Great Depression and Roosevelt thought he would have a chance to become president. He told the people that the government should intervene in the economy to give them relief, and to help reform and recover the economy. His confidence and positive attitude and personal charm helped him defeat Republican Herbert Hoover in November 1932.
By the time Roosevelt took office in March of 1933, there were 13 million unemployed Americans, and hundreds of banks were closed. Roosevelt faced the greatest crisis in American history since the Civil War (Freedman 87).
On his first 100 days, Roosevelt proposed an economic reform, calling it the "New Deal." He ordered the temporary closure on all banks so they could do something about the deposits. He formed a group of economic advisors who created the alphabet agencies such as the Agricultural Adjustment Administration to help to regulate farm prices, the Civilian Conservation Corps to give jobs to the young men, and the...


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