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Defects of Modern Education

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Defects of modern education
A Dirty Shadow Behind The Light

It was a hot sunny day. On the night before it was raining very heavily. But the morning sun came up with a full blow. I was on my way to the college, and was about to reach the entrance of the gate when somebody called me from the back. It was one of my class mate (sorry I’ll not mention his name here). He asked me “What’s up dude?”. The moment he asked me the question, smoke came out of his mouth and covered his face. I noticed his right hand and soon I got the reason why his mouth was doing the job of a car silencer. I didn’t say anything, I just raised my hand towards him and went back to attend my classes.    

You know that there are around ten “Paan Dokaans, (small shops where Beetle-leaves, Cigarettes, Gotkha, Sikhar, etc. are sold) near our college campus. According to my knowledge, gained from the queries to the shopkeepers of those “Paan Dokaans”, 12 packets of Cigarettes, 15 packets of Sikhar, 3 packets of Rajanigandha with Tulsi and innumerable packets of other tobacco products can be estimated to be sold on a regular basses in one   shop. This indicates that 120 packets of Cigarettes, 150 packets of Sikhar, 30 packets of Rajanigandha and so on are daily sold in that campus. Now a question arises that in a college campus where there are less number of local adults (more than the age of 25 years) compared to a busy city area, who are the buyers of such number of intoxicants?

There are many parks near our college or within Guwahati which were opened initially to become a source of entertainment for those busy city families who hardly get any time to spend their lives with their respective family members. But now it can be observed that the source of entertainment of these parks has been modified by the college going teen agers for the purpose of dating. A girl who gained distinction marks in HSSLC. was admitted to our college. I know her parents; her father is a farmer who rents a land...


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