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Antonio Gaudi

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Kartashov 1
Kartashov Andrey
Amit Dahan
Pre-Degree 1
11 June 2014

                                    Art Nouveau and Antonio Gaudi
              Every day, millions of people around the world are traveling in search of new sensations and emotions. Architecture is a part of the life of each person. There is a huge number of monuments of architecture for the sake of which people traverse millions of miles. So, architecture is one of the most interesting and important forms of art, and Antonio Gaudi‚Äôs Art nouveau masterpiece Casa Batllo in Spain is a fine example.
              The Art Nouveau Style is a direction in art the most common in 19th century to beginning of 20th century. Art Nouveau, as one of many styles that have absorbed many different directions and were influenced by the various national cultures and traditions. Art Nouveau architecture is a bourgeois and very expensive art, to produce which tries to integrate all the arts and crafts in architecture. This movement used iron and crystal in architecture, but also forge and mostly curved elements. The most notable characteristic of Art Nouveau architecture was the refusal of right angles and lines in favor of more smooth, curved lines. Often, the
                                                                                                                  Kartashov 2

artists of this style took, as a basis for their drawings, patterns of flora. Distinctive features of Art Nouveau architecture are the rejection of straight lines and angles in favor of more natural, contours, organic forms and geometric structures, and the use of new technologies and materials such as metal, glass and wood. One of the most interesting architects who worked in Art Nouveau style was Antonio Gaudi. In his projects he actively used new materials. Bearing structures made of iron, he created unusual shapes, reminiscent of some fantastic plants. Stair railing, lamps and even door handiest are...


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