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Portable Rock Crusher Contribute to Area of Construction Waste

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portable rock crusher is the rise in recent years, new equipment , widely used in construction waste, slag waste treatment industry is an important resource recycling equipment , and construction waste treated mobile crusher , most can be reused as a renewable resource .For artificial aggregate processing system with excellent performance , high reliability , short length , covering the range of small , light weight, high mobility , reduce material transportation cost , adaptable, flexible combination , easy to transport, assemble time is short, operation and maintenance of safe, simple, to meet stringent environmental standards and other characteristics and advantages. Its good performance and maneuverability if that is tailor-made for the highway project .

First, the occupation of land resources, according to the relevant information : former Olympic construction of the original building 's demolition , and new construction site in Beijing have set up twenty or thirty consumptive field of construction waste per year , resulting in no small pressure on land .

Secondly , water pollution , construction waste space stacked above it after infiltration of rain soaked rain shower , the mortar and a large amount of waste due to the hydration of calcium silicate and calcium hydroxide contained in the concrete block , gypsum waste contains a large number of sulfate ion .

Again, construction waste contains large amounts of waste gypsum sulfate ions , sulfate ions under anaerobic conditions will be converted to hydrogen sulfide has a rotten egg smell , paper plates and wood waste under anaerobic conditions the dissolution of lignin and tannin acid and decomposition of volatile organic acids , these harmful emissions into the air will pollute the atmosphere .

portable crusher mainly consists of efficient , high performance vibrating screen, belt conveyor, motor and control box and other components. Configuration of the portable crusher can be adjusted...


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