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Mobile Sand Wash Equipment for Sale

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The requisite propertiesand the organic vehicles required to produce them are well known to those skilled in the art of making inks, paints and lacquers. Typical vehicles include mixtures of two or more of the following ingredients: methyl ethyl ketone, cyclohexanone, ethyl acetate, amylacetate, Cellosolve, butanol, nitrobenzene, toluene, xylene, petroleum ether, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride,- various terpenes, such as pinene, dipentene, dipentene oxide, and the like, essential oils, such as oils of lavender, rosemary, aniseed,mobile sand washing machine, Sassafras, Wintergreen, fennel and turpentine, Assyrian asphalt, various rosins and balsams, and synthetic resins. It is a distinct advantage of the compositions of the invention that they show relatively little tendency to settle or separate as compared to known compositions containi-ng metallic gold powder. They require little or no stirring during application and may be applied as a smooth and uniform film.

The choice of ingredients for the gold flux determines the behavior of the gold film during and after firing, and isusually dictated by the composition of the article to be decorated and the use for which it is intended. The gold flux usually includes salts or resinates of bismuth, lead, boron or silicon or mixtures thereof. Salts or resinates of chromium, cadmium, tin, copper, cobalt, antimony or uranium may also be employed. The gold flux improves the adherence of the gold film and its resistance to abrasion and corrosive chemicals. The ingredients fuse to a low melting glass or glaze and are Well understood by those skilled in the art of compounding glazes and porcelain enamels.

Other ingredients may be added to alter the color of the gold film. Silver salts and resinates, for example, give a green gold, and palladium or platinum salts and resinates give a white gold. Extenders suchas mercuric oxide, mercury resinate or sulfur may also be included, but are usually not needed in the compositions...


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