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Teaching for Understanding

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You will use this lesson plan organizer across several sessions to draft your technology-enhanced lesson plan with elements of the TfU Framework. You may be designing a curriculum unit (e.g., a unit of instruction for a 2-5 class periods) or you may be designing some other type of learning plan (e.g., a session with your staff, a training program for docents or other specialists, etc.)

We will be working on specific elements of the TfU Framework during Sessions 2, 3, 4, and 5. You will type in your work related to the specific parts of the organizer that are the focus of the Lesson Plan/Project assignments for each of the Sessions—leaving the other parts blank until we focus on them. For example, in Session 2, we will just work on your Generative Topic and your Understanding Goals.   As our sessions unfold, you may go back at any time and revise any section of this organizer that you completed previously.   In fact, you will be asked to do that in some assignments.

|Your Name or Team Names: Silver Oaks Team 1                                                                                                 |This Column is for Questions and Comments           |
|Title of Your Lesson Plan or Project: Flow of Energy Makes Life Possible On This Planet Earth                                               |                                                   |
|Date: 27th October 2012                                                                                                                     |                                                   |
|Subject in which the unit will be taught:Science                                                                                             |                                                   |
|Grade Level or Intended Audience:IV                                                                                                         |...


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