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Rotary Dryer Can Handle Large Amounts of Materials

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Rotary dryer, which is handling large amounts of materials. Due to the reliable operation, large elasticity of operation, strong adaptability and large capacity, it is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, and medicine industry. Rotary dryer is generally suitable for granular materials, viscous materials mixed with other materials and materials with high moisture. It has the advantage of high production capacity, wide applicable range, small flow resistance, operating with bigger allowed range, easy to operate, etc. Commonly it is used for drying sand, mineral powder, coal slurry, chicken manure, cow dung and so on.Rotary dryer’s cylinder slightly tilts with horizontal line. Material from high end to join, heating medium from low-end to enter, they will have a counter-current contact, and there is also heating medium and materials flowing into cylinder together. When wet material is in the process of moving forward in cylinder, it directly or indirectly gets the heat from heating medium to dry the wet material, and then by the belt conveyor or screw conveyor at the discharge end, material is carried out. There is copy board inside the cylinder wall, and its role is to lift the material and spread again to increase the contact surface between material and the air flow, which can improve the drying rate and promote the material progress. Heating medium is generally divided into the hot air and flue gas, etc. After heating medium gets through rotary dryer, generally it needs to cyclone with materials in the gas trap. If off-gas wants to further reduce exhaust dust, it needs to get through a bag filter or wet precipitator.The advantages and disadvantages of rotary dryer:1. Once the internal copy board damages, maintenance is inconvenient.2. Under the condition of same production, the rotary dryer covers smaller area and is convenient to be transported and be installed.3. Fully heat exchange: materials and hot air...


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