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Application of Sand Maker in Cordierite Production Industry

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Cordierite is a typical metamorphic minerals, when the rich MG0 muddy rock by high temperature thermal metamorphism, often to be cordierite, and with a variety of polysynthetic twin, runs through twins and crystal stock. At the same time, cordierite also appears in some metamorphic deeper gneiss, cordierite characteristics are lack of three crystal in these rocks, and often symbiosis with sillimanite, garnet, hypersthene, biotite and other minerals.

The application of cordierite sand making machine:Hongxing sand making machine firstly in contact with cordierite processing in 2006, with the continuous development and needs of the social and industrial construction, Hongxing has expands the publicity and promotion of the sand making devices processing of cordierite in Fujian, to solve the question of high hardness and hard broken, sand making machine are adopt diamond combined impact of the block (throw stub bar) instead of the original overall shape hammer and square combined impact block, it's hard but not brittle, tough and firm ', and good high temperature performance, the impact block used imports of high-quality alloy forging, abrasion resistance and toughness are in the domestic leading level, improved the working efficiency and service life of high manganese increased 3-5 times. Also enhanced the production yield and quality.

Merits and Features of Sand Maker

1. The high efficiency crushing, coarse grinding function.

2. Structure is simple to install, easy maintenance, low running costs.

3. By the moisture content of materials by non-broken material capacity, impact, moisture content of up to 8%.

4. Excellent product shape, cubic shape, low flakiness content suitable for aggregate shaping, artificial sand and aggregate production of high-grade highways.

5. Bulk density, minimal iron contamination.

VSI sand maker is a new type sand making machine manufactured by Hongxing Machinery according to the market demand. Compared with...


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