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Teacher Attitudes

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Teacher Attitudes
“A teacher must be passionate about what he or she does. Creativity flows from passion. If you have it, you should have less complains from yourself.”
- Wilma Duco, Reading Teacher

“Patience and dedication. For you to become an effective teacher, you have to have patience because each student is unique. You need to know how to deal with each type. And teachers should not be after what they earn from their job but from what their students gain from them.”
- Linda Naputo, Math Teacher

“A teacher should always give and have an extra mile. It is about the teacher adjusting to the level of students and not the other way around. Also, the teacher should always be ready.”
- Evelyn Garcia, Language Teacher

What these teachers have said about how a teacher should be are all true and I completely agree with them. Passion, patience and preparation are three tools a teacher must be armed with. But, one more thing a teacher has to have to be an effective one is that they have to enjoy what they do and this is the very reason I chose Ms. Willie, Ms. Linda and Ms. Ellen to be my respondents because they enjoy teaching.
The reason why Chemistry, History and Music are my favorite subjects in school is because my teachers for those subjects enjoyed teaching. There was never a dull moment whenever I was in those classes. I can remember tagging Pre-Calculus as one of my favorite subjects just because it was also my teacher’s favorite and the way she taught us the subject was so carefree it was as if we were just learning algebra again. And these are the teachers who I remember so well, and they are the ones who made me love the subject.
My college professors are the best because not only did they teach me how to love learning, they also taught me how to love teaching. I could still remember my philosophy teacher, Ms. Velasco, who was so enthusiastic that sometimes I would even forget it was a philosophy class. She would tell us endless tales about...


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