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How Does the Slag Dryer Realize High Yield and Energy Conservation

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The slag dryer equipment is an efficient ,energy conservation and professional drying equipment,which is professional used for the useless stones produced by mineral separation exploiting and smelting.With the development of economic manufacture,the enterprise’s demand for the quality of the slag dryer becomes higher and higher.They pursue low level of energy consumption and environmental protection.How to decrease the energy consumption of the slag machine and increase the economic benefit of the enterprise has become a commonly focused problem for the enterprise that needs drying work.We can promote the slag dryer equipment in terms of the following aspects:
  Firstly,Pay Attention to Choose the Air Volume of the Dirt Catcher
  The ventilating effect of the dirt catcher influences the output of per machine per hour directly.We must choose the dirt catcher which can deal with a huge air volume if we want to increase the production.The dirt catcher which can deal with a huge air volume can make the materials being dried exchange heat very soon and eliminate the heat in time,through which process it decrease the temperature of the wasted gas as much as possible to achieve the purpose of fast drying.

  Secondly,Pay Attention to the Balance among the Wind,Fire and Material
  Whether the wind,fire and material are balanced or not decides whether the production of the dryer machine is high.First of all,we should make sure the ventilation quantity of the dirt catcher and the specifications and models of the dryer machine.Secondly,we should make sure whether the degree of the heat supply in high temperature fluidized bed is suitable or not.Last,the materials must be added evenly.Only we achieve these points can we achieve big wind,big materials,big fire and then realize high production and low cost.

  Thirdly,Adding the Middle X Shape Raising Plate
  Adding the middle X shape raising plate can reduce hot holes,slow down the flow rate of the material in the...


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