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What Factors Affect the Efficiency of the Ball Mill

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Ball mill machine is the level of cylinder, in and out of hollow shaft grinding material and top parts, cylinder for long, tube is placed in the cylinder grinding medium, cylinder for steel manufacturing, a steel lining board and the cylinder body is fixed, the grinding medium general for steel ball, and according to a certain proportion of different diameter and loaded into the cylinder, grinding medium can also be used for steel.This machine is a horizontal cylindrical rotary device, outer gear, the two positions, lattice-type ball mill. Material by the feeding device into the compound air evenly into the mill screw shaft first warehouse, the warehouse there are ladder liner or corrugated liner, built with different specifications steel ball, rotating cylinder produces centrifugal force to the ball a certain height After the fall, have severe impact on the material and abrasive. Coarse material in the first position to reach, after single-compartment plate into the second warehouse, the warehouse lined with flat lining, there are balls, the material to further grinding. Powder discharged through the discharge grate plate, complete the grinding operation.How to the greatest degree to improve the productivity of the mechanical equipment is a enterprise survival and development of the key. Next, I will briefly explain the influence factors of ball mill production efficiency, in order to better the more efficient use of.Firstly, grinding ball ball diameter collocation also is very important. To pay attention to the ball size is big is small in size, with, so can improve efficiency. General also add some distribution in the ball section .Secondly, although wet ball mill and dry ball mill can be of all kinds of ores and other materials may be grinding of grinding,,the wet grinding of ball mill than dry ball mill production efficiency can be increased 20%.Moreover, change is to improve the formula ball strength and weight to increase its inertia; Increase current is in...


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