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Children and Video Games

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Are children wasting time playing games?

E. Gorkin state that   “children are wasting far too much time playing games when they could be involved in more constructive activities.”   Video games have proven to be influential in good ways.   I DISAGREE with Gorkin concerning children spending too much time playing video games for three beneficial   reasons:   Video games teach Problem-Solving/flexibility Skills video games give kids a chance to Lead/Motivational skills, and video games help Dyslexia kids read better.
Strategic video   games with their interactive , decision-affecting nature, are great tools for improving problem-solving skills.   The challenges of a game bring forth alertness in a child .   These challenges allow the opportunity for improvement and quick-thinking skills and the ability to adapt to whatever the circumstances.   Many video games also present an aspect of logic, which requires carefully thought-out moves and decision in order to conquer the challenges,   strengthen a range of cognitive skills such as spatial navigation, reasoning, memory and perception. As children play games, they learn from mistakes, understanding what you’ve done wrong and flexibly changing your approach is the key.   The ability to alter strategies is a key component in problem solving.
Video games   can give kids a chance to lead by playing in groups, often taking turns leading and following, depending on the specific skills needed in that game.   Studies by Nick Yee of the Palo Alto Research Center, youths who played group games online felt they had gained leadership skills such as persuading, motivating others and mediating disputes.   Online multi-player games offer youths a rare chance to participate in, and sometimes lead a diverse, mixed-age team.   And nobody cares how old you are if you can lead the team to victory.
A study from the University of Padua , the Italian researchers presented evidence that playing fast-paced video games can improve the reading...


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