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Mobile Ore Crusher Machines for Sale

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Referring now more in detail to the drawing for one form of a combined washing and drying machine, embodying a rotatable tub of double wall construction made in accordance with the present invention, there is shown an outer cabinet 2, secured to a base structure Il having adjustable leg portions 5 for completely enclosing the operating parts of the machine. The base 4 provides a support for an outer stationary tub 6,ore crusher a support for an inner rotatable tub 8, which is mounted for rotation about a vertical axis, having an agitator or washing device m disposed therein,y as well as a support for mechanism, generally referred to as I2, for operating the agitator It and rotating the tub 8 in a washing cycle, as will be hereinafter more fully disclosed. The washing machine further includes a control mechanism generally referred to as I4 for automatically controlling certain operations in the washing cycle.

The cabinet 2 has its main body portion, formed with side, front and back panels with a top or cover panel I6 secured thereto to provide a substantially rectangular unitary structure. The top panel I6 is preferably formed with an opening I8 defined by a downwardly and inwardly extending ange 20 to permit access to the inner rotatable tub 8 and is normally closed by a lid 22, preferably formed hollow to enclose the control mechanism I4 and hinged at 23 to the top panel to pivot about a horizontal aXis. In addition, the lid is recessed remote from the hinge 23 to provide a handle or grip 24 which can be readily grasped by the operator to swing the lid into and out of its closed position. vIn this instance, the top panel is further formed with two openings adjacent the front corners thereof, each of which has a control shaft extending upwardly therethrough with a control knob 26 mounted thereon adapted to be grasped by the operator for manipulation. One of the control shafts is adapted to be adjusted for controlling a thermostatically operated mixing valve 2l,...


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