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Going through high school I had many friends who attended the local private schools and every now and then I came across kids who were homeschooled. There was always controversy and debates between parents when it came to deciding which form of schooling was best for their children. There are three different points of view about forms of schooling: There are people who believe that home schooling is the best form of education; there are those who believe that public school will provide the best education; and there are people who believe that private school provides a better education.
There are many reasons why people choose to place their child in a homeschooling program. Some parents believe that their child will receive a better education at home rather than in a traditional setting such as private or public school. It is said that children that are homeschooled will grow up to have issues socializing with other children but through research at the Fraser Institute they have found that children who are homeschooled are actually better socialized than their peers. Some children are homeschooled due to religion, disabilities, or family reasons. Other children are homeschooled because their parents believe that by working together with their siblings rather than individually in a regular school setting that their child will become fit for the real world. They also believe that relationships formed with their siblings will help their child with relationships formed outside of the home.
One traditional form of education is public schooling. The majority of children attend public school because their parents attended public school and never felt the need to change the form of schooling for their children. Some children attend public school because private school can be costly. Many parents choose public school because they work during the day and do not have the time to homeschool their children. Other parents believe that public schools are raising the bar for...


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