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Animal Farm

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Animal Farm Essay Topics

  1) Discuss the seven commandments.   How did they change and why?

  2) Orwell felt that revolutions fail in that they result only in a change of tyrants.   Use specific examples to trace Napoleon’s rise to power and show how he is an excellent example of Orwell’s philosophy.

  3) “Power corrupts.   Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”   Discuss this statement in relation to Animal Farm.

  4) Discuss Moses and Sugarcandy Mountain.   What role do they play in gaining compliance from the farm animals?

  5) Examine the use of propaganda to control the animals and their thinking.

  6) Find examples of humour in the novel.   Explain what purpose it serves and how it supports Orwell’s theme.

  7) Boxer exemplifies Orwell’s idea that simple creatures work harder and harder for causes they cannot admit no longer exist.   Show how this is true for Boxer.   What cause is he fighting for and why will he not admit that this cause is dead?

  8) How has Orwell used the animal fable to present his view of human nature?

  9) Discuss the character of Squealer.

  10) Discuss the character of Snowball.

  11)   Compare and contrast Snowball with Napoleon.

You will be allowed to bring in:

Your completed outline
Your Animal Farm book
“Steps for the Essay Draft”
The sample Romeo and Juliet essay on Benvolio

Essay Outline
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Thesis Statement: _____________________________________________________

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