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The Drying Rate of Our Rotary Dryer Is Really High

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The new rotary dryer has the following characteristics : the particle strong movement which comes out from the branch of the air jet can ensure full contact of gas and particles, and provide good heat and mass transfer conditions. Thus, compared with the conventional rotary dryer, the drying rate was almost doubled and the wear particles are greatly reduced. Not only lead to higher drying rate of the smaller shell size but also the ancillary equipment more compact.

The material by gravity to the bottom on the lower side with the rotation of the cylinder. Wet material in the process of moving forward in the cylinder body got to heat directly or indirectly, making the material get drying, and then sent through by the belt conveyor or screw conveyor at the discharge end. In the cylinder body wall with copy board, its role is to put the material copied up and planted, so that the contact surface of the material and airflow increases to improve the drying rate and to promote material progress. Heating medium is generally divided into the hot air and flue gas, etc. After heating medium through the dryer, it generally need within thecyclone dust removal trap material brought down.

Because of its simple design, versatility, flexibility, large capacity and handle multiple types of raw materials capacity. Drying gas and for rolling the bed transfer process contribution to the team of only 5% of the wet solid materials, the convection heat and mass transfer between the main areas being made on the raising of the particles in a 'floating down' period. In addition, the material is relatively of small capacity, 10% - 20%. Therefore, the traditional axial flow rotary dryer and the gas volume are usually large, medium and relatively of high prices. Specially designed rotary dryer, such as hole-shaped rotary dryer and heat-dry air flows through the rolling bed of particles, with good drying properties, but this type of dryer is of high capital investment and maintenance...


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