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Time Management

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Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities to increase effectiveness efficiency or productivity. The main goal or objective for those who put time management to practice is to maximize the overall benefit of certain activity that had been done within boundary condition of a limited amount of time. Time management might seem to be quite effortless or even trivial to some but the facts is that it is not. Many well developed country such as Canada, America, and even Japan put great emphasize on time management and made time management a compulsory subject for all university students.

Time management bring forth a lot of benefit, we all have heard the saying “time is money” this phrase is essentially true. Unfortunately it is not necessary the same for everyone, this is because time is continually passing but doesn’t mean that everyone can make full use of their time to do something useful. The dilemma is that most people now a day had not realize how important time management is, since they are still young, time are kind to them, leaving them a false assumption that time is an endless flow of river, when they finally realize, it is always too late. Time is like holding fine sand, you will never notice how it able to slip through the gap between your finger. Time management help us to make better decision. There are many choices in life and often-times we faced with many choices to choose from at the same time. When we practice good time management, we will have more time to breathe; this allows us to determine which choices are the best to make. When we feel pressed for time and have to make a decision, we often to jump to conclusions and not fully consider the different options; this leads to poor decision making.   Besides that, Good time management allow us to live our life to the fullest. People often complain that they have not enough time for their family, love ones...


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