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Do You Agree or Disagree: Technology Helps to Make People's Lives Simpler or Make People's Lives More Complicated?

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Technology,it is believed, with its ever-increasing power,has dramatically altered our lives. While some people applause the ease it brings,there is a growing perception that it has rendered our life more complex and sophisticated. I stand on the side of the latter.
To begin with,the application of technologies ,which is supposed to make life simplier,has led to more complicated system to sustain its use and therefore fails at this mission.Despite the vastness of the sky,planes still occasionally crash into each other.To avoid these catastrophes,Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TACAS) was developed. TACAS alerts pilots to potential hazards, and tells them how to respond by using a series of complicated rules. In fact, this set of rules — developed over decades — is so complex, perhaps only a handful of individuals alive even understand it anymore. While the problem of avoiding collisions is itself a complex question, the system we’ve built to handle this problem has essentially become too complicated for us to understand. This escalating complexity points to a larger phenomenon in modern life.For example,we use a computer to make processing information more easily,but we have to install extra apps to help us and also anti-virus software to protect the data.If we unfortunately lose the data,we have to pay a great sum of money to revive them.But if we write on a paper,we never have such kinds of problems.In this way,technologies have complicated our life.
Besides,more vigilance is required with the advent and advancement of technologies.With internet developing,all computers and databases are connected.,which expose us to a wealth of potential threats,such as financial data thefts or privacy violation.Take Target breach,which occurred last year,as an instance.Target said that up to 110 million individuals have been affected and had their personal information stolen,including their names ,addresses, credit and debit card numbers.Needless to say,these...


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