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Lesson Plan: Reproductive Health:
What Role Does A Teacher Play?

Goal: To review normal puberty, discuss sexual activity and sexually transmitted
infections in adolescents, and to discuss the role of teachers and the SBHC in addressing
reproductive health.

Introduction: Brief introduction of yourself and teachers. Briefly review lesson plan
outline. (5 minutes)

Warm up: Adolescents and Sexual Activity: Do You Agree? Inform the teachers you
are going to read a series of statements. Teachers should raise their hands if they agree
with the statement. (5 minutes)
--Key points
* Issues of reproductive health will come up in the schools
* Even if students are not sexually active (which most are not), they are
still impacted by the topic.
*Important for teachers to reflect on and discuss their own
feelings/opinions about reproductive health so they can better address the
issues that arise.

Puberty—Normal Timelines for girls and boys (10 minutes) Handout: Puberty—
Quick Overview.
--Key points
*Puberty onset occurs at different times for males and females
*Wide range of puberty onset among each gender—important teenagers
know they are “normal”
*Growth spurts and body changes can lead to “awkward” appearances
*Increased sweating/body odor raises issues of hygiene

Sexual Activity and Teenagers: Quick Facts (10 minutes)
--Key points
*Significant percentage of teenagers sexually active; this number increases
most during high school
*Majority of adolescents report using contraception, but still significant
number that do not.
*Adolescents account for 50% of diagnoses of STIs
*Significant number of adolescents have not been tested for STIs

Role of School in Addressing Reproductive Health (10 minutes)
--Key points
*Minors are entitled to confidential reproductive health care in NYS
*SBHC provides many of these services to which minors are entitled
*Teachers should understand...


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