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Effects of Advertisements on Economy

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My Gr 12 English teacher once said “walking down a street, it is impossible for you to not find a single advertisement” and he is right. Anywhere a person looks, he/she will always see some form of advertisement. In fact, billboards, posters, fliers, and other print media are visible almost everywhere. So advertising must have some influences on our lives right? Some people think that advertising brings us great benefits while others have an opposite opinion. Everything has two sides and advertising is not an exception. The effects of advertising can be explored through various topics but it all comes down to the economy.
Admittedly, advertising is all around us in daily life, from rural to urban, from work to home. It is becoming more and more common in the modern society, especially in the economy. First of all, it is a crucial step of the production for manufacturers to launch and publicize their products. Commercials, which are in many forms such as billboards, leaflets, testimonials, etc., are created to introduce goods or services to people and stimulate them to buy those products. The more effectively advertising strategies companies use, the more customers they gain. For example, every time a new IPhone arrives, Apple will create advertisements to show the phone’s new features, and Apple’s beliefs in the new phone. In doing so, it helps businesses like Apple sell more products and therefore make more profits; moreover, it is the background of the process of trading and marketing. If there were no advertising, our economy could not expand; as a result, our social could not develop.
Much as I have considerable sympathy with the people saying that advertising is positive to our lives, I have to mention about some disadvantages coming from this. In fact, the target of most businesses is maximizing profit; therefore the advertisements on their products are often exaggerated in order to sell goods as much as possible. This can cause people to desire something...


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