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Biography of River

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                                    MASUD HASSA   09143886118

It is more important than ever to understand the economic, political
and cultural role of the River Nile. This book has been written in the belief that
such a mighty river, running from the heart of Africa to the Mediterranean and
crossing the borders of ten countries comprising more than 300 million people,
deserves an extensive, multidisciplinary bibliography, presenting in one book,
what has been said about her.
The Nile has intrigued people, historians and poets since the days of
Cheops up to the present day and will continue to be at the heart of regional
economy, politics and culture in the decades and centuries ahead. This most
famous of all famous rivers has been described in the ancient stories of Herodotus
and in the travel notes of Arab scholars and European explorers, and in the many
modern books about Nile geology, Nile hydrology, Nile dams and Nile politics.
The present bibliography demonstrates the enormous scope and the usefulness of
this literature and of the research that has been carried out in the past. Different
libraries and different web sites may have good collections of Nile studies, but
most often they have both systematic and non-systematic biases; only certain
disciplines, fields or historic periods are covered. Therefore, in order to help
deepen our understanding of present developments and to optimise future
planning of what is increasingly regarded as a scarce and vital resource, it isviii
thought useful to present a more complete, all-inclusive overview of literature on
the riverZs physical character and the varying political, economic, social and
cultural roles it plays for a number of societies. Such a broad bibliography may
help overcome some unhelpful perspectives that have been nurtured by narrower
national, social or disciplinary concerns, and by neglect of past experiences....


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