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Commonly Used Methods to Prevent Failure of Cone Crusher

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cone Crusher high output, fine particle size, particle shape, well received by users. But in practice, due to the harsh conditions of production, materials, processes, parts, aging and the impact of human factors, various inevitable failure of cone Crusher. Here for everyone to resolve common faults and corresponding methods of prevention.
1. Controlled temperature
at work, cone Crusher parts temperature has its own normal range. Beyond this range, parts will be damaged. Therefore, in the crusher, an overload to prevent low temperatures, low temperature preheating, reach the required temperature before you work; the second to prevent operation at high temperatures, always check the temperature on a table of values, find the problem immediately stop check, troubleshooting.
2. Reduce the influence of the impurity
cone Crusher during use will be subject to dirt, dust and other non-metallic impurities in the material, as well as mechanical metal material impact of your worn, block the movement of materials, destruction of lubricating oil, accelerate component wear.   In this regard, to do the work of mechanical protection for Cone Crusher working site, to filter the items to prevent impurities entering the machinery inside; the second you want to use high quality, supporting parts and lubricants, grease, blocking the source of harmful impurities.
3. Inhibiting corrosion effects
in use, if the pH value of the item or humidity is too large, easy to make cone crushers in metal surface chemical or electrochemical reaction with the surrounding medium damage. In this regard, the material can be broken before the pH value is too large to reduce acid and alkali reduction treatment and waterproof material measures properly.
in addition, should also do a cone crusher, especially spring group, or regular maintenance and repair of hydraulic system and take strong preventive measures, try to slow the damage rate of machine parts against mechanical failure, extended service...


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