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Cement Grinding Machine Manufacturers Press Is Used

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The amount of water added to the starting mixture, as well as the average size distribution of the steel plant waste dust, the bonding agent, the siliceous material and other solid additives included in the starting mixture, will vary depending upon the physical and chemical characteristics of the particular steel plant waste dust used and the particular agglomeration technique employed. For example,cement grinding machine manufacturers when a pelletizing process using a drum or disc is used to form spherical pellets, the total amount of water in the moistened starting mixture generally should be in the range of about 4 to about 14 weight percent, preferably about 6 to about 9 weight percent. On the other hand, when a briquetting press is used, the total amount of water in the moistened starting mixture generally should be about 2 to about 7 weight percent, preferably about 3 to about 5 weight percent.

Particle size of the various solid materials included in the starting mixture generally can range from about 10 to about 400 mesh with all preferably being less than about 20 mesh. Particle sizes coarser than about 10 mesh increases the difficulty of obtaining a homogeneous mixture of the constituents and, in some cases, provides insufficient surface area to obtain the requisite high strength bond in the resultant hardened agglomerate. Hence, the size of the materials of the starting mixture is controlled within the ranges below about 10 mesh and preferably with at least half of the material in sizes less than 200 mesh. As evidenced by the size analyses of typical steel plant waste dusts presented in Table II above, a substantial portion of the particles of some of these dusts is smaller than 400 mesh. For instance, 63.60 weight percent of a typical B.O.F. dust have a particle size smaller than 400 mesh since that portion passes both a 400 mesh and a 500 mesh screen. Likewise, 96 (sum of listed values) weight percent of a typical open hearth dust and 13.25 weight...


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